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22 September 2007 @ 11:06 pm
B-but wha'bout Tomek?  
Is "corny" the default quality of a Jimmy Stewart film? I think it is -- I think a Jimmy Stewart film is corny unless you have other information about it that says it is not.

Call Northside 777 is saved -- by a hair! -- from being corny through the miraculous providence of this line, spoken by George Tyne's character Tomek Zaleska: "That's the trouble with being innocent, you don't know what really happened." It is a fine line, and it makes the movie worth while. But I wanted to know at the end, what happened to Tomek? Did Frank get off and not his co-defendant, just because he got lucky and got the newspaper on his side? That doesn't seem right. Especially when Tomek was doing all the work of saving the movie from banality.

(Another factor working to make watching the movie worthwhile, leaving aside Jimmy Stewart's cuteness, which goes without saying, is the beauty of Helen Walker. I don't believe I've ever seen her before -- her only other movie that I've even heard of is Brewster's Millions -- and I would not describe her as looking "like a movie star". She seemed attractive to me in a very comfortable, homely way.)

Update: Hmm, looks like I've "heard of" the remake of Brewster's Millions, not the original, which Netfilx does not know about either. Oh well, one to keep an eye out for. And note, my statement in the top paragraph does not necessarily mean that there are any actually corny Jimmy Stewart movies -- I think there probably are, though I cannot remember having watched any, besides his movies with Alfred Hitchcock, where "corny" means something else besides the pejorative sense I am intending. I've never watched It's a Wonderful Life but I'm given to understand it's pretty corny.

Update: According to Wikipædia, Frank (real name Joseph)'s co-defendant "was exonerated by habeas corpus in 1950" -- 6 years after Joseph was pardoned. And here is an in-depth report on the case which inspired the movie. Tomek's real name is Theodore Marcinkiewicz.
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